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WELCOME! Kitty Cams research examined the nature of outdoor activities of owned cats by monitoring pets outfitted with "Kitty Cam" video cameras. Kitty Cams allow recording of a cat-eye view without disrupting behavior. We used Kitty Cams to investigate the activities of urban free-roaming cats in Athens, Georgia from Nov. 2010 -Oct. 2011, with goals for wildlife conservation and for improving the health and well-being of pet cats.

Learn more about our research into the interactions and behavior of cats in the environment.

Explore our amazing kitty cam videos and photos showing the daily life of free-roaming cats

  • We are happy to announce that "KittyCams 2.0", the second phase of our
    project has been approved for funding! We will be following the activities
    of a managed colony of feral cats on a barrier island off the Georgia
    coast. We are currently working with National Geographic's CritterCam
    Program who will produce the second generation of cameras and begin the
    project in early 2014. The project will be funded by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the American Bird Conservancy. We truly
    appreciate their efforts!
  • To help fund this research using KittyCams, contact: Dr. Sonia Hernandez

The principal investigators guiding this project are keenly committed to understanding the welfare of free-roaming pet cats and the interactions of domestic cats and native wildlife.

We thank the following organizations for their support:

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